Just as a simple cut, a pleated or a touch of color can make an exceptional outfit, the many variations of the new Orithia collection are the key to a unique look. The range includes irresistible color leather bracelets, two-tone marvels, chocolate hues and abstract floral ornaments in a geometric style. Anchored in haute couture, the brand does not deny its origins.

Adorned with a vintage pink croco leather strap, this watch echoes the main theme of the collection: femininity. The theme "Pretty in pink" is found in a pink gold box and sophisticated junction elements in the shape of a stirrup. A mother-of-pearl dial sparkles like drops of dew on a flower on a summer morning. Golden indexes and hands of great finesse punctuate the passage of time. The love story of Balmain Orithia has no less than 13 potential happy outcomes.